Meera Video Scandal With Captain Naveed Full Video

Meera Video Scandal With Captain Naveed Full Video: Pakistani Actress Meera video scandal with captain Naveed has been unveiled out in the media. Here we would like to mention for the readers that few years back Meera has got engaged with Captain Naveed and now suddenly their Nikkah Video has been leaked out in the media. According to the video Nikkah ceremony hs taken place in the month of October during the year 2013.

When Meera was asked about such rumors she stated that:  “whatever Naveed is saying is right”. The world will soon come to know when I will get married; there is nothing to hide about it.

The Ruksti will be in 2015”. When Meera was questioned about the video scandal she stated that: ”I haven’t seen the video and i don’t want to comment on this. I hardly believe if I ever made such acts . Somebody has made it in a very polished way. Our youth is very much into internet and all; editing, morphing, fabrications are so very common. I don’t believe in all this. The world is technologically advanced and making pics and editing videos is a common practice nowadays.”

The media even put allegations on her that why the whole media is just pointing on Meera and why not any other famous and well known personalities on national and international level. In the answer of this question Meera highlighted that: “well I am working on a social cause and that’s why people can’t see me to become successful.

When you are a celebrity bad and good news about you goes side by side. I am not upset with all this, but I would really want that these leaked videos must be tested from American laboratories and then further steps should be taken” She even added with the statement that:  “I need time to get marry, I want to take my project to its final execution. I am sure this scandal will create obstacles in my mission, but I will not stop working. Me and Naveed don’t live together, we both are individuals and have individual goals, me and Naveed have good level of understanding.”

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When Media asked Captain Naveed about the video scandal he arrived with the statement that: “An unknown man was following Meera via emails and were blackmailing her. He also said that he won’t let Meera pursue her career any more. Naveed further added, his and her family got affected very much with this, and he instantly involved is father into this matter. And they are a report in township police station. And when successfully wants to initiate her hospital plans this scandal popped up.”

Well let’s see that whether this video scandal is just a rumor or is there any sort of truth behind it…..

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