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As the Merry Christmas happenings draw closer all the schools arrange special programs for the students and in such programs all the students gave huge preference to Merry Christmas poems. There are varieties of poems that arrive for all the festivals and merrymaking events such as birthdays, anniversaries, Eid and even the national days as well. Poems are one of the best sources of highlighting the prominence of the event and showing your real thoughts, feelings and emotions towards such eminent festival.

Merry Christmas Poems 2024

Christmas Greetings

There are different kinds of Christmas poems that have been categorized into many forms such as funny poems, friend’s poems, short poems, Christmas poems for kids and poems for teachers. In view of funny poems it is all about the Santa Claus happiness.

All such poems have been prearranged into such formation that it eventually brings the smiles on all the faces. In friends Christmas poems, there are Christmas special poems that are arranged for the friends and along with best wishes for their future. Such poems are just lend to the friends and closed ones. This would even make the friends feel as if they are still with us and will forever remain.

Christmas poems for kids are normally held as simple and less complicated. They are used for such situations when the students want to present some poems in school programs. The Christmas zeal is much witnessed in the children as compare to the adults. Last we have the Christmas teacher’s poems.

This sort of poems is handed over to the teachers for making them feel as special and as one of their best students. In this article we are sharing some of the known and commonly used Christmas poems for the readers. LET’S HAVE A LOOK……

Merry Christmas Poems:

  • The littlest Christmas tree,
    lived in a meadow of green,
    Among a family,
    of tall evergreens,
    He learned how to whisper,
    the evergreen song,
    with the slightest of wind,
    that came gently along.
  • He watched as the birds,
    made a home out of twigs,
    and couldn’t wait till,
    he too was big.
    For all of the trees,
    offered a home,
    the maple, the pine, and the oak,
    who’s so strong.
  • “I hate being little”,
    the little tree said,
    “I can’t even turn colors,
    like the maple turns red”,
    “I can’t help the animals,
    like the mighty old oak”,
    “He shelters them all,
    in his wide mighty cloak”.
  • The older tree said,
    “Why little trees you don’t know?
    The story of a mighty king,
    from the land with no snow?”
    Little tree questioned,
    “A land with no snow?”
    “Yes!” said old tree,
    “A very old story,
    from so long ago”.


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