Miss Singapore 2013 and Supermodel Fehmina Chaudhry Murdered In Islamabad

A much known name in the film and fashion industry of Pakistan, Supermodel Fehmina Chaudhry, who was also an actress in Singapore, was missing since October, 12th, later her dead body was found from Bara Kahu, Islamabad. Super model Fehmina Chaudhry murdered in Islamabad is shocking news for all the fans in Pakistan. This famous star has won a lot of awards such as 1st Miss Asia International Title 2012.


Her services were not only restricted to Pakistan only but also in India and Singapore. She was very courageous and involved in her work. She was settled in Singapore but she wanted to open a school for fashion in Pakistan of high standards. Her enthusiasm in in the work showed that how much she loved her profession.

After the investigation of the police, the reason behind her murder came out. A man named Muaz Waqar demanded twenty million for her release which she might not agree with and he killed her later on. He himself confessed to the police and took them to the site of murder from where the police have recovered her body. After that, the new broke out that Super model Fehmina Chaudhry murdered in Islamabad. This was totally horrible and shocking because she was an asset of the fashion industry.

A young capable girl full of talent was murdered brutally. No further news came in front of the police because the man told them the whole story of the incident. The film and fashion industry of Pakistan has lost a gem without any doubt because the people who knew her say that she was so talented and hardworking. Such people are really hard to find again and again, hence grief is being seen among the people of Pakistan especially her fans who were waiting for her next release but that young girl has gone far away from us now!

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