Mohabbat Hai Ramzan A-Plus Ramadan Transmission

Ramadan transmission is an ongoing latest and well known trend in our country Pakistan. Now all TV channels have witnessed great competition for their Ramadan transmission. One can spend the whole day by watching various Ramadan Transmission from sahri to aftar time.

Everyone knows that this is really a month of self purification and piety in which we have to spend our time doing Ibadat and all the acts of goodness. We refrain ourselves from the such type of distractions and we have to try to be more closer to Allah. To fulfill our religious obligations Khairat and Zakat are done overwhelmingly and helping those who deserve our attention.

Mohabbat Hai Ramzan

Abrar ul Haq & Junaid Iqbal in Ramadan Transmission:
Abrar ul Haq the well known singer of Pakistani industry and the Billo vocalist co-hosted the Ramadan transmission with the most prominent and another well known media personality/scholar, named Junaid Iqbal. Junaid Iqbal also a known personality in media industry of Pakistan. Abrar ul Haq and Junaid iqbal both are hosting the Ramadan transmission of 2016 that is broadcasted on A-Plus TV. The Name of the program that is hosted by them is Mohabbat Hai Ramzan.

This new emerging trend of special Ramzan shows or Ramzan transmissions was started from the Geo TV show Aman Ramzan and after that one show by GEO TV Ramzan shows become the most important event for Ramzan for every TV channels.
In these Ramadan Transmission , the host invites different scholars, Natts and Hammads are read and and Talawats are recited, and the host of programme gives prizes to the present audiences.

Seher transmission: 1 AM – 4:30 AM
Iftari transmission: 2 PM – 7:30 PM

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