NA 120 Lahore Results – Muhammad Nawaz Sharif vs Yasmin Rashid

NA 120 Lahore Results – Muhammad Nawaz Sharif vs Yasmin Rashid: Right now in this article we will be talking about NA 120 Lahore Results between Muhammad Nawaz Sharif vs Yasmin Rashid.  We all know that currently Nawaz Sharif and Shahbaz Sharif has been ruling at the Lahore for the last five years and undoubtedly they have accounted huge success because of their struggles in making a Lahore much prosperous and successful. AS we look at the elections of NA 120 then from this station we have PMLN President Muhammad Nawaz Sharif and on the other side we have Yasmin Rashid who is one of the stronger candidates of PTI.

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These two members have their own popularity and reputed status in Pakistan. In the 2002 elections PMLN Muhammad Nawaz Sharif win this seat with great margin but now the image has been all changed for a moment. Now there are new parties and new members that have done huge hard work for making their party prominent inside the public.

Now the competition has been even tougher and strong because this time many candidates have been successful for the last few months for grabbing the attention of the public. The surprising fact is that there has been no such candidate that is standing from the side of PPP in NA 120 Lahore. As on one side the Pakistan nation has been aware from the struggles of Nawaz Sharif then on the other side they also want to experience the new candidate of PTI as well. Now as on 11th May 2-13 the elections of Pakistan will be conducted therefore we have the responsibility of casting the vote in the favor of such candidate that would serve us as the helping hand in future. So just cast your vote either for the Muhammad Nawaz Sharif or either in the support of Yasmin Rashid.

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