Sindh Assembly Election Results 2013 and Seats Positions

Sindh Assembly Election Results 2013 and Seats Positions: On this webpage you will get to know all the Sindh Assembly elections results 2013. Hence at the very start we would like to give little description about the Sindh Assembly as well. Sindh Assembly holds great importance in the history of Pakistan. It is said to be one of the main pillars of Pakistan Sindh Assembly has been one of the most vital and renowned ones.

There are many parties that have been competing for winning the seats in the Sindh Assembly that get along with the PPP, PMLN, PMLQ MQM and PTI as well. Although the Jamiat Islami has done a boycott from the elections just few months before the arrival of elections. As we view the party positions in Sindh Assembly then probably MQM is undoubtedly having their strong place because they have been undertaking the responsibility of controlling the main Sindh City as Karachi for the last few years.

Election-in-Pakistan ECP

However, on the other side the competition has grown even huge strong because this time we have the powerful parties such as PTI and PMLN who have also gained huge success and fame in Sindh Province as well. This time very less chances has been seen in view of the PPP because the nation has been much upset with their last five year performance. Well if the nation has been in the huge favor to know all about the Sindh Assembly election results 2013 then they can get all the help from this webpage as well.

This webpage will be offering the people with all such facts and details that they needed about the Sindh Assembly elections. In addition they will even be updated about the parties whose candidates are presently moving ahead on the first number in winning the elections. So if you to know the details all such thrilling news then just signed into this webpage now.

Contesting Parties Sindh
Summary 68/130
PML(N) 1
Independent 0
Pashtoonkhwa Milli Awami Party
JUI(F) 2
JI 0
PML(Q) 0

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