NA 55 Results Rawalpindi 2024 – Sheikh Rasheed vs Shakeel Awan

NA 55 Results Rawalpindi 2024 – Sheikh Rasheed vs Shakeel Awan: In this post we will be discussing all the details about NA 55 results Rawalpindi 2024 between Sheikh Rasheed and Shakeel Awan. Well there would be no single person that would not be well aware from these two personalities. Sheikh Rasheed has been one of the most reputed and oldest politicians in Pakistan that has been associated with all the parties for some few years. He has even worked for PMLN and PMLQ for some time and no can even neglect away his efforts and struggles for sure.

On other page we will talk about Shakeel Awan who belongs to PTI. He has also been associated with the PTI for the last few years and hence this time he has been again standing from the side of PTI from NA 55 Rawalpindi. Both of them have their own prominence and success remarks.

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If we drive our mind a little bit back then in 2002 Sheikh Rasheed won the seat of NA 55 Rawalpindi with huge margin but this success could not followed him in 2008. In 2008 elections, Shakeel Awan won this seat with big votes in favor of the PTI. This time the competition has been even stronger ad powerful because both the candidates have been working a lot on huge scale for gaining the attention of the public.

NA 55 Rawalpindi has been one of the most imperative stations that have made the huge betterment for the last few years just because the people of Rawalpindi elect the right person. Now this time as well they have to fulfill their accountability one more time because the elections have arrived and now they have to vote for the actual person. Just make sure that which of the candidate can serve your NA 55 in better and effective manner.


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