NADRA Launches Chip Based Smart National Identity Card – SNID

NADRA Launch Chip Based Smart National Identity Card (SNID). NADRA has been one of the most trustworthy and well distinguished organizations that have been working in Pakistan since the creation of Pakistan. NADRA has always arrived with finest and enhanced services and facilities for identifying the character of the person all through the creation of the identity cards. This time NADRA has yet again arrived with the” Smart National Identity Card”. Let’s have a brief over look survey at this main features and significance level.

NADRA Launches Chip Based Smart National Identity Card – SNID


Just like the name itself NADRA has taken the nice and yet the smart step by planning the establishment of smart identity cards launch for the people of Pakistan. This plan has been initiated for keeping the back records of the citizens. This card has been just created all through the technological criteria that help the person to keep the identity card safer and convenient for the future use.

If in case the person lost his or her identity card then with the help of the fingerprints of the person or with the help of the computerized method the person can instantly block the identity card so that it may not be used for the misuse purposes. This system has been equipped with much essential and eminent features and characteristics as well.


  • This card will even accompany many security and social convenience to the patrons of Pakistan in case of any overlook attitude.
  • This whole system has been filled with the functions of the technological system that if fully computerized.
  • The system will carry out all the details of the person that is related to the past as well. This system has been even filled with all the information whether it is private of personal is overflowing within the system.
  • This national ID card has been completed with 36 diverse features and characteristics.
  • The National Identity Card will even fill the finger prints of the person for much safety and protectiveness.

For more details about the Smart National Identity Card you can get in touch with the NADRA helpline office through the below mentioned contact number:

NADRA Helpline: 051-111-786-100

So all the people of Pakistan if you still not get in touch with this system then just convert your Identity cards into the Smart National Identity Card and we are sure that it will benefit you much.


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