Naya Pakistan By Vital Sign

Naya Pakistan By Vital Sign is all here now. For the information, this song named by Naya Pakistan is sung by vital sign. Yes, vital sign is back with a bang with a patriotic spirit.

This is quite and rather amazing. This reunion of vital sign will surely and certainly excite you a lot. This song has been launched now. You may download this Naya Pakistan song right here from this webpage and let us know your reviews that how much you liked this patriotic and spirited song.

Naya Pakistan

From the sources, we came to know that not only vital sign but Junoon group is also the part of this song. So, we can say that both of the amazing pop bands vital sign and Junoon are ready to make a revolutionary point. Salman Ahmad, Junaid Jamshaid, Nusrat Hussain and Shahi Hussain are a part of this song. In a Karachi based studio, this song was been shoot.

According to this Naya Pakistan cong, both of these pop bands wants to arouse the Pakistanis that it is high time to wake up. This song expect from its youth to keep on making progress and keep on working for the betterment of its country. As we all know that Pakistan is facings serious sort of crisis these days.

This country is in the critical situation these days. There is a dire need that each and every Pakistani should act as a leader and should continue make efforts and attempts to make Pakistan a prosperous state. Enjoy this Naya Pakistan song and have the feeling of patriotism again. This is the time to give something to your country in return because it has given you a lot!


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