Pakistan Fashion Week 5 POSTPONED

Pakistan Fashion Week 5 has now been postponed because of the security issues in Karachi. From the sources, we came to know that this Pakistan Fashion Week was to be held on 19th March 2013 but now it has been delayed. Fashion Pakistan Council has yet not announced any date. We will sooner or later update you with regard to the final launching date of this Pakistan Fashion Week. Fashion fraternity said that we are paying tribute and homage to those families who have lost their family members in the tragedy of Abbas town. This fashion week will remain delayed for some particular duration.


Members of Fashion Pakistan Council member said:

“Given the continuing unrest in Karachi and after intensive consultations with our advisors and well wishers, we have with a heavy heart, decided to postpone the fashion week. We will reassess the situation in a couple of weeks, and keep you in the loop. Thank you for being a part of the Fashion Pakistan Family. Your continuous support has been of immense encouragement to the council.”

It has also been viewed that each and every member of this council supported this decision and joint hands with the victims of Abbas town blast.

Designer Maheen Khan, who is also the CEO of Fashion Pakistan Council, said:

‘’The event has been postponed in the best interest of the team involved in the event. We have decided with a heavy heart to postpone it indefinitely,” She also said. “A fashion week is a celebration… and we cannot insult people who are suffering when times are so bad. I cannot endanger the lives of others.”

Just stay here on this webpage and we will update you then when this Pakistan Fashion week 5 will be started!

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