Pakistan Muslim League N (PML-N)

Pakistan Muslim League N (PML-N) has been one of the most successful and strongest parties in the Pakistan political planet. This party has been the second biggest party after Pakistan peoples Party with 19% votes in the parliament. It has been put forward by former Prime Minister of Pakistan named as Nawaz Sharif with the combined cooperation of his younger brother Shahbaz Sharif.

pml n

Although the main forceful attention of this party has been connected with the Punjab province but it is also making a big name in the provinces of  Sindh, Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa, Baluchistan, Azad Kashmir, and the Gilgit-Baltistan. This party has been one of such single parties in Parties in Pakistan that has been honored with the reward of addressing the Government of Pakistan as ruling party twice times.

During their reign, Pakistan Muslim League N also established the foundation of National Highway Authority in 1997. In the same year they also put forward the plan of Environmental Health Agency along with the commencement post of Ministry of Health. However, this party has even faced huge opposition and criticism from the Punjab public when they were failed to undertaken any measures for stopping the Dengue fever. This makes it obvious that how much they gave importance to the nation and their problems.

In addition to it, Shahbaz Sharif who is the Chief Minister of Punjab Province he has even arranged many projects and plans for the betterment of the nation. So far he has also done a lot for the students as well and for the deprived people in the form of Laptop Scheme for students and Green Tractor projects for the framers. Let’s have a look over the party structure and members of PML (N). This party is headed by the president named as Nawaz Sharif. The secretary of this party is Raja Zafar ul Haq, spokesman has been termed with Mushaid ullah Khan.

PML (N) was basically founded by Fida Mohammad Khan in 1988 on 16th November. This party has established its main branch head office in Islamabad. Well after the finishing of their party government in 1997 there has been a long time that this party has been waiting for their turn so that they cannot just serve the nation of Punjab but even the whole country. No matter that they are dedicated and motivational for their passion and these are the things that can change the Pakistan for sure.

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