Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM)

Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) has been counted as one of the most successful and hugely growing political party in Pakistan. This party has been just getting big and much big within Karachi that is the main homeland for this party. This party has been established by Altaf Hussain through the foundation of All Pakistan Muhajir Student Organization in 1978 that gave birth to Muhajir Quami Movement in 1984. Well there is no doubt about it that the main reason for setting up the government in Karachi has been associated with the term that this city is the birth place of Altaf Hussain.


In 1997 this party replaced their named from Muhajir Quami Movement to Muttahida Quami Movement. This party has been one of such single parties in Pakistan that has created the record of conducting rallies with the larger number since 2001 against the Al Qaeda attacks on 11th September. This was just against the attacks that were slowly and steadily giving attention to the placement of the terrorist in the country. This party has even made the record of arranging the largest rally of women in Karachi on 19th February 2012.

MQM is marked to be one of the second largest parties in Sindh Province and even the third largest parties in Pakistan. Nevertheless it is presently ruling over the third highest number of seats in National Assembly and over second highest seats in Sindh Assembly. Well along with the huge success this party has even faced much criticism from the public too.

They have been claiming one point that no one can run the government just by sitting in abroad. If Altaf Hussain has been dedicated towards the betterment of Pakistan then he should be the part of rallies through Pakistan. MQM has even lost their many workers and members through the target killing attacks in the past few years.

Another most interesting thing about this party is that they announced the commencement of their party in Karachi University that even grabbed the attention of many students as well. The main aim of this party has been basically connected with the protection of muhajir community that is much ignored in Pakistan. They want them to get their equal rights in every division. As the MQM and their popularity has been increasing with every passing year sp we really hope for the best that they will certainly make a big name in the forthcoming elections as well.

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