Pakistan Presidential Election 2013 Nomination and Results

Pakistan Presidential Election 2013 Nomination and Results: In this post we will going to mention all about the Pakistan Presidential elections 2013 and results. As we all know that new government has been all entered and similarly new Prime Minister has been even arrived in the Pakistan. Now the whole nation is waiting that when the new President will be arriving ahead for controlling Pakistan.

Pakistan Presidential Election 2013 Nomination and Results

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According to the official news the new President elections will going to be held on 6th August 2013. These elections will going to get organized for the 12th President of Pakistan. Currently Asif Ali Zardari is the new president of Pakistan. Here we would like to mention for the readers that new President will going to be elected after the consultation of Senate, National Assembly and Provincial Assemblies. As the Muslim League (N) is the winning party of 2013 elections so it is quite evident that the President will be suggested by them. Although rest of the parties will also be nominating their candidates as well!


Election Commission of Pakistan has stated the issuing of notification for the elections on 17th July 2013. All the selected candidates are free to submit their nomination papers till 24th July 2013. If in case any of the candidates want to withdrawn from the nominations then they have the time limit till 26th July 2013. These elections will take place in the form of the secret ballot on 6th August 2013. The results will going to announced officially on the very next day. The complete elections will going to be presided by the Chief Justices of the Islamabad High Court and the 4 provincial High Courts.


From the side of PML (N) four candidates have been proclaimed adding with Senator Iqbal Zafar Jhagra, Sardar Mehtab Abbasi, and Sartaj Ai from the KPK province, and Ghous Ali Shah from Sindh. PPP and PTI have still not arrived with the announcement of their nominations.


·         Senate of Pakistan

·         National Assembly of Pakistan

·         Provincial Assembly of Punjab

·         Provincial Assembly of Sindh

·         Provincial Assembly of Baluchistan

·         Provincial Assembly of Khyber Pakhtunkhawan

So this was all about the new Pakistan Presidential Elections 2013 nominations and results. We are sure that you will definitely going to pray out for getting better and cleaned results on 6th August 2013. Let’s see who will be the next President of Pakistan.

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