Amaan Ramzan Iftar Transmission Live On Geo TV

Do you love watching Aaman Ramazan Iftari transmission Live on Geo TV? Well there is no such doubt about the fact that during the month of Ramadan all the broadcasting channels get started with the transmissions for increasing up their ratings. In all such channels we would like to mention about Geo TV as well that has break all the records every single year. This channel highlights their Ramadan transmission along with Dr. Aamir Liaquat Hussain who is one of the renowned faces of the television industry.



Dr. Aaamir Liaquat is one of such personalities in Pakistan that surely does not need any sort of introductions. He is one of the well known Islamic scholars. Dr. Aamir Liaquat Hussain started his career of hosting with Geo Tv but then soon he left the channel and moved to ARY Digital. This was one of the big shocks for the fans who loved to watch him on Geo TV. Well for the past two years e is one more time working along with Geo Tv for broadcasting their yearly Ramadan Transmissions. All the people just love to listen the way he recite the Naat and the way he presents the teaching of Islam.

Amaan Ramzan Iftar Transmission Live On Geo TV:

This year Dr. Aamir Liaquat Hussain will be commencing out the hosting of Geo Tv live transmission named as “Aaman Ramazan”. Last year the way he conducts the entire whole one month show breaks all the records in just one week. This year as well it has been expected that the same condition will be seen. He has some magic that force the people to listen him all the time that is surely quite helpful for the channels media partners as well.

In this transmission he will be calling out some of the famous Islamic scholars along with the Naat Khawan as well. He will be arranging the lucky draw each day for the Umra and Hajj and one Motorbike as well. All such children that are newly keeping the fast in this month will be opening their fast in this transmission with the different presents and gifts for them.

Let’s see that will Dr.Aamir Liaquat Khan magic will speak in the same mode like the last year or not. Don’t forget to catch this transmission during this whole Ramadan month in Iftar as well as in Sehri too.

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  1. Amir bhai plz hamen apkai Program Especiall Ramazan Transmittion main ana hai iskai leyai hamen pass ki bht zarourat hai so plz…..????


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