Political Issues of Pakistan

When we start counting the political issues of Pakistan then we can certainly comes to no conclusion as they are incalculable. Is the extreme and intense issues arising in Pakistan is just because of the political crisis? Is our political party working for future or they are just filling their own bank accounts? Well we normally ask this question but we often remove this question from the mind because it is unanswerable.

Political Issues of Pakistan

Quaid-e-Azam gave us the most valuable message of unity, faith and discipline and he even make us learned some of the precious principles for controlling the government but we never bother to follow such principles. When our own political leaders are not attentive towards such precious principles then why would we follow them? Every single day we switch on the television and some new issue brings as the breaking news.


It has been for about 63 years of Independence but still we are not been able to remove down the conflicts and main hindrances with India. We are still unable to decide that whether India will rule over the Kashmir or Pakistan and in this decision everyday hundreds of Kashmiri citizens are laying down their lives without any reason.

The main foundation for giving birth to such political issues is that our political parties do not accompany any planning and constitution for the betterment of the nation and hence at the end of the story the moral is just the fall of the country pillars.


The main defect in the political parties is that the leaders in the parties are merely known for being in the most famous and reputed party and they just fail to remember that the man is just known for his work and passion. They are fully induced in the violations and illegal activities. In this political success the rich is becoming richer and poor is yet again poorer.


  • The government of Pakistan should make out the proper plans for the elections so that it may carry out neatly and fairly for every single party.
  • Mid-term elections should also be undertaken for giving the chance to other parties as well so that the people can make the suitable party choice after five years of election.
  • Media is said to be one of strongest powers existing in the country and if they are granted with the freedom then they can even help in bringing the actual bright image of the country.
  • All the minorities should be given equal rights and rules and on the other side the Federal and Local Government must not be overlooked.

Some of the most pressing political issues in Pakistan today include:


Corruption is a major problem in Pakistan, and it has had a devastating impact on the country’s economy and development. A 2021 Transparency International report ranked Pakistan 140th out of 180 countries on its Corruption Perception Index.

Political instability:

Pakistan has had a history of political instability, with numerous coups and changes in government. This instability has made it difficult for the country to develop its economy and institutions.


Terrorism is a serious threat to Pakistan’s security. The country has been plagued by terrorist attacks from groups such as the Taliban and al-Qaeda.


Poverty is another major problem in Pakistan, with over 40% of the population living below the poverty line. This poverty has led to other social problems such as crime and illiteracy.

Gender Inequality:

Gender inequality is a significant problem in Pakistan. Women are often denied access to education and employment opportunities, and they are also at risk of violence and abuse.

These are just some of the most pressing political issues in Pakistan today. The country’s leaders face a difficult task in addressing these challenges, but they must do so if Pakistan is to achieve its full potential.

In addition to the above, here are some other political issues that are currently facing Pakistan:

The Role of The Military: 

The Pakistani military has played a powerful role in the country’s politics since its independence. This has led to concerns about civilian control of the military.

The Future of Kashmir:

Kashmir is a disputed territory that is claimed by both India and Pakistan. The conflict over Kashmir has led to wars and tensions between the two countries.

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