PSLT20 Anthem Ab Khel Kay Dikha by Ali Zafar

At the ceremony of logo launching of Pakistan Super League so many celebrities and cricket personalities came up to make the event much fine looking.

But in this event the center of attraction was the Ali Zafar Pakistan super league anthem song Ab Khel Kay Dikha that blows up so many hearts with love and patriotism. Hence the anthem of the biggest sporting event just as in the recent history of this country is being helmed by the multi-talented and versatile superstar Ali Zafar.

Ali Zafar Valentine Day Concert

He has penned the lyrics of the anthem but at the same time he has also sung and produced it in his just this minute established studio. Ali Zafar grab up with the great sum of the appreciation and fame from the entertainers as his anthem was filled with enthusiasm! You can visit this webpage as well to check out the video of Pakistan Super League anthem by Ali Zafar!

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