PTA Blocks 200,000 IPs, Thousands of SIMs and Devices

PTA Blocks 200,000 IPs, Thousands of SIMs and Devices: Just newly a new statement has been revealed out by Pakistan Telecom Authority that that they all blocked up more than 200,000 Inernet Protocl (IP) addreses, 1,382 mobile SIMs and 3160 phones/devices all the way through their International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) numbers in just last few months.

This is definitely quite shocking news for all the customers of TA who believed that this organization works for the betterment of their nation. Now the main question is that why they have blocked such a huge number of devices and SIM’s.

According to PTA a statement has been issued that since October 2013 a special system named as Grey Monitoring System has been functioning in which all those numbers are blocked that are not present in the PTA whitelist.


Pakistani Telecom Authority will be working strictly over this rule in which they will be clearing up all the illegal numbers that are not at all highlighted in PTA list of numbers. PTA whitelist has been all reduced to 51000 to 10,360 in just one month.

Apart from it PTA has been set up helping service center that is all working for the people 24 hours a day and 7 days a well. Contact details of PTA Service Center are given below:

Complaints through email:

Toll free phone: 080055055

Fax: 051-2878127

Free SMS: 668

All the way through these service almost 1944 complaints has been received since last one month. All the numbers that are complained on this service center are either legal or they are not registered under proper terms and conditions.

So this was all the best and informative details about the news that why PTA Blocks 200,000 IPs, Thousands of SIMs and Devices! We are sure that now you will be making the use of their service number for informing them about the illegal numbers….

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