Telenor Introduces Free Life Insurance Facility for Prepaid Customers

[ez-toc][ez-toc]Telenor Introduces Free Life Insurance Facility for Prepaid Customers: Telenor has always thought about working for the betterment and benefits of their customers whether they are old or new ones. This time Telenor Introduces Free Life Insurance Facility for Prepaid users! This new plan has been just newly introduced by the Telenor Cellular Network that has been just planned in collaboration with MicroEnsure Pakistan (Pvt.) Limited and Jubilee Life Insurance Company Limited.


The main aim of this plan has been all linked in offering the customers with the effortless and trouble free insurance plan for the future just for the Telenor prepaid customers.

This insurance plan has been all named as Talkshawk Mohafiz Zindagi Beema. All the way through this plan all the prepaid customers will be able to consume the amount of at least Rs. 200 per month to as life insurance.


  • Talkshawk subscribers can simply get activated with this offer by dialing*345*101# from their mobile phones.
  • It is free of cost and the customers do not have to pay any sort of charges for getting activated.
  • Validity time period for covering the life insurance will be one month.

Below is the table that will help the Telenor customers to know that how much life insurance they will be getting for the monthly mobile balance usage.

Mobile Balance in One Month

Free life insurance

Rs 200 to 299


Rs 300 to 499


Rs 500 to 699


Rs 700 to 899


Rs 900 and above


 Well this plan of life insurance is offering titanic benefit to the customers on huge level. Now if you are not a Telenor user then switch your network on Telenor right now. We are sure that by the end of the day it will be offering you out with gigantic advantages…..

Telenor Introduces Free Life Insurance Facility for Prepaid Customers

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