PTI 2nd Largest Party In National Assembly In Elections 2013

Well all the PTI supporters do not need to get dishearten because PTI has so far arrived to be the 2nd largest party in National Assembly Election 2013. There has been no doubt about the fact that this party has given strong competition to the rest of the parties as well. If we view out the situations as one week before the arrival of the elections then probably PTI was seen in the front line along with the PMLN because both the parties were becoming the favorite ones amongst the nation.

No one can make the predictions that which particular party will be holding the title of being the next Prime Minister or President of Pakistan. However, PMLN has won the maximum number of seats in National Assembly with the amount of 117 but PTI has even stood on second number with 37 seats. In 2008 elections PTI was a form of unknown party and even Imran Khan was defeated from nay regions but this time the situation has been complete different. Now Imran Khan has gained majority of the votes from the same region from which he has faced the defeat in 2008 elections.

PTI - Pakistan Tehreek-e-insaf

In addition, Imran Khan has given the party ticket to many of the new candidates and young generation ones and many of those elective candidates have even faced success as well. Hence the winning of such candidates was a complete surprise because they have defeated some of the well known and reputed personalities in the political globe. Here we would like to mention for the readers that currently majority of the polling stations that have still not declared the results and yet it has been quite difficult to announce that whether these are all the seats that have been accounted by the PTI or still more number of seats have to arrive in their category. If the nation of Pakistan is interested to know more details about this party then they can get connected with this webpage as any time they want.

They will be updated about all the polling station results as early as they will be announced on the satellite stations. Now let’s see that whether more seats will be accounted for the PTI or the account has been all closed for them. But don’t forget to stay connected with this webpage because it will going to much beneficial for your knowledge.

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