PTI Chairman Imran Khan Faisalabad Jalsa 25th May Speech’s and Live Updates

Imran Khan PTI Dhobby Ghat Faisalabad Jalsa 25th May Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed, Shah Mehmood Qureshi and Javed Hashmi Speech’s Live Updates.

Today Big event of Pakistan Tehreek-E-Insaf (PTI), PTI Chairman Imran Khan Announced before this D-Chowk Islamabad Next Jalsa in Faisalabad on 25th May 2014.

Imran khan Part PTI protest start due rigging poll 11th May 2013 Elections and load shedding.
Imran Khan Faisalabad Jalsa
Two days before Imran Khan Video Message for Public About 25th May Faisalabad Jalsa.

Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed President Awami Muslim League participant on Imran Khan Request in Faisalabad 25th May 2014 Jalsa at Dhobby Ghat. PTI Leaders Speech’s in Faisalabad Jasla today participant Shah Mehmood Qureshi and Javed Hashmi and etc.

PTI Dhobi Ghat, Faisalabad Jalsa 25th May Pictures Stories

Qurbani ki eid se pehle qurbani ho gai – Sheikh Rasheed

Sharif’s government for the death of labor and Poor’s – Sheikh Rasheed

Nawaz Sharif do go to Dehli tomorrow but dont forget Kashmir- Shah Mehmood

Nawaz Sharif when you go to Dehli please also learn them the art of free & fair Elections- Shah Mehmood

Vice Chairman Shah Mehmood is now addressing the charged up crowd in Faisalabad

I have not seen this scene in whole of my political life in Faisalabad people have given mandate to Imran Khan today – Javed Hashmi

National Anthem Before Imran Khan Speech

 Imran Khan Speech

PMLN thought of fooling you with a circus show but they forgot its your junoon that brought you here. Imran Khan

6 times in Punjab, 3 times in Federal, did this PMLN bring any change to common man’s life? There is no price of Junoon – there is no price of ideology – there is no price of faith – PMLN tries to buy off youth through laptop schemes & youth festivals, but passion can’t be bought. Imran Khan

Electricity rates have doubled & theft also increased. Nation faces loss of Rs100 crores per day. PTI believes in Hazrat Ali’s saying that kufr systm can survive but injustice system can nvr survive. Imran Khan

We want to unite whole Pakistan under the banner of Insaf. All communities of Pakistan, be it Christians, Hindus, Sikhs & other minorities must unite.Country which can’t hold transparent elections, can’t progress. Imran Khan

Let me tell the traders, industrialists that we will not increase the tax but will fix the tax collection so the big fishes pay taxes! KP has doubled tax revenue collections but has not doubled the taxes. Imran Khan

IK said no one was able to believe in Lahore that 4 ministers including CM were traveling by themselves n no protocol. Punjab police stops vehicle of the CM KP on their return & refused to believe their IDs and later asked money for langar.

Govt has added on the debt of 50 billion dollars only in one year. Imran Khan

Hamaray greatest leader Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) hain. He led by example. Imran Khan

PTI Tsunami will hit Sialkot on 7th June Insha Allah.

Staying with us. More Pictures and videos will be uploaded soon.

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