Ramadan Calendar 2024 Lahore – Islamabad – Multan – Karachi

In this article we will be highlighting all about the interesting information in view of the Ramadan Calendar 2024 Lahore – Islamabad – Multan – Karachi Pakistan. As we all know that each single year the Holy month of Ramadan is welcomed with great zeal and passion. This blessed month arrive just once in a year and brings along great blessings under its shelter. Just like every single year this year as well Ramadan is one more time back with the same enthusiasm and passion for the Muslims.

This year Ramadan 2024 will be welcomed in the summer month of July. The very first Ramadan will be celebrated on 10th March 2024. This whole month rest for almost 30 days of time period! It means that this month will be departing away from the Muslims on 8th April 2024. This month brings along huge sum of the blessings along with it. This is the month when the Muslims can bring them closer to the God and gain all his blessings.

Ramadan Calendar 2024



The word Ramadan has been derived from the Arabic word “Salah” which means to stay aside from the food and drinks from the dawn till the sun set. As on one side this month bring the blessings of God then on other side it even teach great messages to the Muslims community as well. Keeping the fast for almost 13.5 hours will allow the Muslims to know the actual feeling of staying hungry. The Holy month of Ramadan is usually commenced after the sight of the moon. On this complete month the God encages the Devil and the Muslims can easily reach towards their God without any hurdles.

The 30 days of Ramadan has been divided into three main periods that are also known as Ashra:

·         Ashra e Maghfirat

·         Ashra e Rehmat

·         Ashra e Relief

As the Ramadan is the complete Islamic month therefore the dates and schedule of the month is also set according to the Islamic Lunar Calendar. Nevertheless the schedule of Ramadan in rest of the countries is complete different. The Muslims of North America will be commencing with the Ramadan on 10th March 2024. The reason is that they follow the Gregorian calendar therefore it varies differently from the Islamic Calendar.

So this was all about the Ramadan Calendar 2024. We are sure that through this article all of our readers must have gained enough information in view of the Ramadan Month. 

Ramadan Calendar 2024

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