Worldwide Ramadan Fast Timing Duration 2024

Worldwide Ramadan 2024 Fast Timing Duration: The holy month of Ramadan fasting starting in the all over world, during the Ramadan people fasting naturally wake up before the one to two hours before Fajr prayer for to eat the meals.

All day hold the take meals, after sun set and call the Maghrib prayer gets the meals. According to geographical location we share us some fasting time around the world. Time will be calculated by location sun set timing.

Ramadan 2024 Fasting Time Between Fajr and Maghrib Prayers:

Reykjavik, Iceland 21:57 Hrs
Stockholm, Sweden 20:57 Hrs
Juneau, Alaska, USA 19:51 Hrs
London, England 18:53 Hrs
Berlin, Germany 19:01 Hrs
Toronto, Canada 17:14 Hrs
Istanbul, Turkey 17:13 Hrs
Beijing, China 17:00 Hrs
Dearborn, USA 16:59 Hrs
Chicago, USA 16:54 Hrs
New York City, USA 16:43 Hrs
Tehran, Iran 16:20 Hrs
Rabat, Morocco 16:08 Hrs
Cairo, Egypt 15:50 Hrs
Los Angeles, USA 15:48 Hrs
Karachi, USA 15:09 Hrs
Dhaka, Bangladesh 15:03 Hrs
Mecca, Saudi Arabia 14:53 Hrs
Mumbai, India 14:38 Hrs
Abuja, Nigeria 14: 03 Hrs
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 13:33 Hrs
Punta Arenas, Chile 13:26 Hrs
Jakarta, Indonesia 13:01 Hrs
Rio, Brazil 12:04 Hrs
Sydney, Australia 09:56 Hrs

Muslims worldwide are preparing for Ramadan’s daily fast, but some of them will have easier time of it than others. The fast begins with the Fajr Prayer and end with the call to Maghrib prayer, which is roughly during the daylight hours. Take a look to see the longest to shortest fasting times in cities all over the world.

Ramadan 2014 Fasting Time Between Fajr and Maghrib Prayers
Ramadan 2024 Fasting Time Between Fajr and Maghrib Prayers

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