Ramadan 2nd Ashra Dua | Arabic + English + Urdu Meaning

In this article we will share with you RAMADAN DUA’s  AND 2nd ASHRA Dua’s ARABIC + MEANING. To recite this RAMADAN DUA is very important for every Muslim.  Let’s have a closer on these.

Particular significance is accocited to Every Ashra of Ramadan. For forgiveness the second Ashra of Ramadan is known.

At every moment we as humans commit mistakes and sins. Some of us commit mistakes. Some of us commit mistakeswillingly and some of us do without any purpose. Toseek forgiveness for the Muslims is very important. For Muslims second Ashra is a great chance to seek forgiveness for the sins.On forgiveness we need to understand why Islam emphasis on that.

For Maghfirahthe middle Ashra of Ramadan is perfect. To wash off our sins this is the perfect time. To seek Forgiveness and repentance Ramadan is the holy month.

The middle Ashra of Ramadan is the time for Maghfirah; the time to wash off our sins. Allah’s (SWT) Mercy is at its peak

To commit mistakes it is quite naturalas humans and Islam is aware of the fact. thats why 2ND ASHRA is soecific for that purpose.In this article we will share with you RAMADAN DUA – 2ND ASHRA – ARABIC + urdu MEANING. to recite this RAMADAN DUA is very important for every Muslim. Let’s have a closer on these.

2nd Ashra Dua

Ramadan 2nd Ashra Dua

Ramadan Dua: DAY 10

Ramadan Dua DAY 10

O Allah, on this day, make me, among those who rely on You, from those who You consider successful, and place me among those who are near to you, by Your favour, O goal of the seekers.

Ramadan Dua: DAY 11

Ramadan Dua DAY 11O Allah, on this day, make me love goodness, and dislike corruption and disobedience, bar me from anger and the fire [of Hell], by Your help, O the helper of those who seek help.
اللہ،اسدنپر،مجھےنیکیمحبت،اوربدعنوانیاورنافرمانیمیںاسےناپسندکرتا،مددحاصلکرنےوالوںمیںمددگاراے،آپکیمددکیطرفسے،غصےاور [جہنم] کےمجھےآگسےبار.

Ramadan Dua: DAY 12

Ramadan Dua DAY 12O Allah, on this day, beautify me with covering and chastity, cover me with the clothes of contentment and chastity, let me adhere to justice and fairness, and keep me safe from all that I fear, by Your protection, O the protector of the frightened.
Ramadan Dua: DAY 13

Ramadan Dua DAY 13O Allah, on this day, purify me from uncleanliness and dirt, make me patient over events that are decreed, grant me the ability to be pious, and keep company with the good, by Your help, O the beloved of the destitute.

Ramadan Dua: DAY 14

Ramadan Dua DAY 14O Allah, on this day, do not condemn me for slips, make me decrease mistakes and errors, do not make me a target for afflictions and troubles, by Your honor, O the honor of the Muslims.

Ramadan Dua: DAY 15

Ramadan Dua DAY 15O Allah, on this day, grant me the obedience of the humble expand my chest through the repentance of the humble, by Your security, O the shelter of the fearful.

Ramadan Dua: DAY 16

Ramadan Dua DAY 16O Allah, on this day, grant me compatability with the good, keep me away from patching up with the evil, lead me in it, by Your mercy, to the permanent abode, by Your Godship, O the God of the worlds.
اللہ،اسدنپر،،اچھےکےساتھمجھسےمطابقتدینےکےبرےکےساتھ patching سےدوررکھنے،جہانوںکاخدا،آپخداکےبحریجہازکےذریعے،مستقلگھرپر،اپنیرحمتسے،اسمیںمجھےقیادت.

Ramadan Dua: DAY 17
Ramadan Dua DAY 17O Allah, on this day, guide me towards righteous actions, fulfil my needs and hopes, O One who does not need explanations nor questions, O One who knows what is in the chests of the (people of the) world. Bless Muhammad and his family, the Pure.

Ramadan Dua: DAY 18

Ramadan Dua DAY 18

O Allah, on this day, awaken me with the blessings of its early mornings, Illuminate my heart with the brightness of its rays, let every part of my body follow its effects, by Your light, O the illuminator of the hearts of those who know.

Ramadan Dua: DAY 19

Ramadan Dua DAY 19

O Allah, on this day, multiply for me its blessings, and ease my path towards its bounties, do not deprive me of the acceptance of its good deeds, O the Guide towards the clear truth.

Ramadan Dua: DAY 20

Ramadan Dua DAY 20

O Allah, on this day, open for me the doors of the heavens, and lock the doors of Hell from me, help me to recite the Qur’an, O the One who sends down tranquility into the hearts of believers.

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