Salman Khan to Get Rs 40 Crore for Bigg Boss 6?

As we know that Big Boss Season 6 has all arrived to make the people go mad about it but one more news is being spreading like fire that Salman Khan is getting Rs 40 Crore for Bigg Boss Season 6. Well after listening this amount you might have hold your breath but you are not aware from the fact that this amount is nothing is much less in front of the Salman Khan.

Salman Khan

Big Boss is a reality Television Show that is has been offering entertainment and fun to the people for the last six years. For the last two years the Salman Khan has been performing the functions of hosting the Salman Khan. According to the media reports it has been reveal out that the Salman Khan is becoming one of the major reasons for the last two seasons. The people love watching the Salman Khan and this factor helps the program holders to increases their rating of success.

Last season was maximum hosted by the Sanjay Dutt along with Salman Khan but he hosted few of the episodes and in other words Sanjay Dutt was the main host. As a result the rating of the success level gone much low therefore this season Salman Khan has been offered with such a huge price rate of Rs. 40 Crore and moreover the advance payment has been given to the Salman Khan.

Furthermore, after the success of Dabbang it seems like the career of Salman Khan has been touching the sky limits every year. After the success of Dabangg, Ready and Body Guard he has even raised her payment level. On the basis of the media reports Salman Khan has taken Rs. 100 Crore for the film Ek Tha Tiger.

On the other side as well, every single director whether it is Subhash Ghai or the Ramesh Taurani they are all set to grant the amount of Rs. 100 Crore for making him signed and making their film successful and hit on the film charts. Recently, Salman Khan has also done a soft drink advertisement and for that purpose he has taken Rs. 20 Crore.

Well on the whole when the Salman Khan has been offered with such a huge amount for the Bigg Boss Season 6 then obviously the entertainment would certainly be double. So get ready for your snacks and drinks because the Bigg Boss Season 6 is soon coming to explode your television screens.

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