Pakistan Makes World Records In Punjab Youth Festival

This year as the Punjab Youth Festival has arrived it is not known for the sport events as it is merely designated with the words that “Pakistan makes the World Records in Punjab Youth Festival”. It is such a commendable and proud feelings that this time Pakistan has ruled over the world record books with the amount of 11 world records. Each record was important and significant for Pakistan.

Punjab Youth Festival

1.      World Record Of Human Flag:

The very first record was the foundation of the human flag. This record was first of all fit in the direction of Hong Kong however this instance Pakistan take superiority from the Hong Kong and approximately 24,200 students lend a hand within the creation of the biggest human flag. This flag was produced inside immediately ten minutes.

2.      World Record Of Lahore Fort Photography:

 Following world record has been the formation of the photograph of Lahore Fort that was completed by means of the 1986 contributors. Previously this record was in the hands of the students of North America.

3.      World Record Of Electric Switch:

 An additional extra outstanding world record was ended through the Mian Nauman in Expo Center who prepared the electric switch in now 30 seconds.

4.      World Record Of Three Chapattis:

 One further electrifying record was prepared next to the Mian Mansha in support of building down three chapattis in the time maximum value of 3 minutes and 14 seconds.

5.      Other Words Records:

In the matching sequence there were numerous records that make the Pakistan feel even more proudy. Ahmad Bodla smashes the record of his personal instructor as a result of making the large amount kicks in 3 minutes. After that is the Muhammad Sadee who draws forward the 1700 kg truck. In a meantime there was an additional record that adds up the 1700 people who together sung the national anthem of Pakistan.

On the other side as the people of Pakistan give away such huge records then it was even the duty of the Government as well for carrying out the best and finest services and event arrangements and hence it would be not wrong to say that the management has certainly successes.

They maintain the full manageable security system for the coming guest and visitors. On the whole after the detail discussion it has been so far discovered that we are still feeling proud of being the part of such a country who is presently the king of the Guinness World Record book. These moments were special and yet the unforgettable as well.

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