Shab e Meraj SMS Message Urdu 2024

Shab e Meraj SMS Message Urdu: In this piece of article we will be highlighting few of the best Shab e Meraj SMS messages Urdu. We all know that the importance and prominence of the Shab e Meraj cannot be neglected at any cost of time. Shab e Meraj is welcomed each year in all the Islamic Countries the month of Rajab. This year it will be rejoiced on 7th February 2024. If we look back in the Islamic history then this day reminds us of the Holy Prophet journey which he covered from Mecca to Jerusalem and then travelled on the seventh sky for meeting God Almighty in heaven.

This day allows all the Muslims to bring them closer with the God by carrying out prayers throughout the whole night. Special functions of Melad are arranged in the educational centers. All the houses and mosques are embellished with the lightening of different colors that make the place even filled with more glittering and blessings of God.

Shab e Meraj

On this Holy night there are many Muslims that exchanges messages with one another through the mobiles. In this article we will be sharing few of the best Shab e Meraj messages SMS in Urdu. If any one of you wants to exchange them with your mates then you can take all the help from this article messages list.

In this way it might be possible that somehow some person might get inspired by your messages and get themselves turned towards the Islamic functions and duties.

This day arrives just once in a year so all the Muslims must try to make an effort to make their place in the shadow of God and this will eventually help them in making their place in God Heaven. Following is the list of all the Shab e Meraj messages SMS in Urdu.


  • “JiBreeL E AmeeN Ye KehTy Chaley Aaye….!!”ArshiYon TumHrey Bhaag JageY….!!”TazeeM Ko Sab Ho JaO KhareY…!!”MehBooB Hamara AawaT HaI….!!
    +–ShaB E MiraJ–+’
  • ‘Aaj,,, Aaj ik Hasi 0r Bant lo0oo,,, Aaj ik Dua 0r Mang lo0oo,,, Aaj ik Ansoo 0r pi lo0oo,,, Aaj ik Zindagi 0r ge lo0oo,,, Aaj ik Sapna 0r Daykh lo0oo,,, Aaj kya Pata,, ( KAL HO NA HO)Shabe Meraj Mubarak Ho.
    (ALLAH Bless u).. . . .’
  • ‘Aaj Q ye aasmaan sajaya jaraha he.lagta he koi mhemaan bulaya jaraha he.jannat me Q khari he sajdaj k ye sawari.aisa kon he jis k liye fizao ko mehkaya jaraha he.kis ki he aamad aaj aasmano k sar pr.bohot dair se chand b muskuraye jaraha he.Aaj paigambar b khare saf bandh k intaizar e imaam .wo kon he jo paigambaro ko namaz pharahane aaraha he.jab pucha kisi ne kon he wo zaat khuda se.khuda ne kaha mera mehboob MUHAMMAD (S.A.W) Aarha he.’
  • ‘”Agar
    Qismat mein
    sub kuch
    likh dia jata,
    say maira jo rishta DUA
    ka hai,
    wo kon nibhata”?Hazrat ALI (R.A)


  • ‘Jo mustavi_e_arsh tha KHUDA bn kr…
    Utar para hy Madina me MUSTAFA bn kr !!’
  • Meri toti photi ibadaton ko aisy kr Qabul ay “RABBe-KARIM”K sajdy mn jaoun to mjhse juray hr rishty ki Duayn qabul ho jayn…
    Shab-e-Meraj mubarik’
  • Aey Allah Is Se Pehle K Yeh Duniya Mujhe Ruswa Karde
    Tu Mere Jism , Meri Rooh Ko Acha Karde
    Yeh Jo Halat Hai Meri ,Maine Banai Hai Magar
    Jaisa Tu Chahata Hai Ab Mujhe Waisa Karde
    Mere Her Faislay Main Teri Raza Shamil Ho
    Jo Tera Hukum Ho, Woh Mera Irada Karde
  • Main Gunaahgaar Thaa Beamal Tha Magar
    Mustafa Ne Mujhe Jannati Kar Diya
    Lamha Lamha Hain Mujh Par Nabi Ki Ata
    Lamha Lamha Hain Mujh Par Nabi Ki Ata
  • Tere Karam Ka Tassaduq Teri Ata Ke Nisaar
    Main Kya Tha Aur Mujhe Kya Bana Diya Tu Ne
    Pahle Mujhe Kaun Jaanta Tha-Pahle Mujhe Kaun Jaanta Tha
    Gham-E-Aashqi Se Pahle Mujhe Kaun Jaanta Tha
    Teri Zaat Ne Bana Dee Meri Zindagi Fasana
    Main Shukr Kaise Adaa Iss Karam Ka Karoun

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