Shahid Afridi To Host Shan-e-Ramazan 2017 With Waseem Badami

Ramadan is a month in which Quran was revealed and guidance for mankind has given. Ramadan is all about serving the humanity, purifying the soul, refocusing attention on Allah and practicing self-discipline and sacrifice.

Pakistan as an Islamic country respects this sacred month and makes special arrangements to get its blessings. In this regard, TV channels of Pakistan started exclusive transmissions.

Shahid Afridi to host ARY Shan-e-ramadan

These transmissions have become an on-going and new trend in Pakistan. In these programs, hosts invite Islamic scholars and Naat Khuwans as special guests. These transmissions are broadcasted at Sehri an Iftaar time. These programs have become a way for people to participate in helping needy people.

Shahid Afridi To Host Shan-e-Ramazan 2017 With Waseem Badami

Like other channels ARY digital TV has started Ramadan Transmission named as Shan-e-Ramadan. This transmission is broadcast during Saher at 2:00 am and during Iftaar at 2:30 pm till Maghrib. The transmission is full of Islamic teaching and information.

Shan-e-Ramazan 2017 transmission is hosted by Shahid Afridi ,Waseem Badami and Iqrar-ul-Hassan also hosts a segment Rah-e-Naiki in which he shows the life of a poor family and then asked people to help them with their Zakat and any other way. In the transmission, Shan-e-Ramadan, host invites different scholars for guidance, Hammads and Naats are read, different gifts are distributed to the present audience and who are watching on TV also get a chance to win prizes.

Different segments are included in the transmission like Naat Khuwani, Naat Khuwani special segment, Quiz show, Live caller, Shan-e-Ilm and cooking.

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