Shaista Wahidi Leaked Controversial Pictures

Dr. Shaista Lodhi (Shaista Wahidi) Host Geo Tv Morning Show “Utho Jago Pakistan” .This show famous all over the worlds Specially females like this show.

Lately Shaista Wahidi got divorced from Dr. Waqar Wahidi in 2012 after 13 years of marriage.

Dr. Shaista Wahidi husband not allow of her indecent activities like dancing, club going and getting extra over on the Utho Jago Pakistan show.

Shaista Wahidi Kissing Hot and Sexy Picture
Now Recently Leaked Controversial Picture are social media and so may websites.

Dr. Shaista Lodhi this scandal getting her top rated now days. Dr. Shaista Lodhi Fans very disappointed to leaked Controversial Picture and Controversial active.

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  1. She is pretty and conefdint looking -sometimes rather overacting/reacting which is not in consonance with taste of sober and matures viewers. Her plus points are larger than minus but room for improvement in plenty is there.


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