Sharmila Farooqi Engagement Pictures

Sharmila Farooqi Engagement Pictures: Do you want to know all about Sharmila Farooqui engagement pictures? Well if yes then just hold your breath because this politician has just knotted into the relationship of engagement with Hasham Riaz Sheikh. All the readers out there just relax for some moment because we will be sharing all the main details about this event in this article. The engagement ceremony of Sharmila Farooqui got engaged with Hasham Riaz Sheikh on 24th February, 2013 on Sunday.

This ceremony was held at her own house place in Karachi near to PTV Station. This ceremony was accompanying all the Pakistan People’s Party leaders along with the family members and relatives.

The whole event was organized in stunning and beautiful manner that grabs the attention of every single coming guest in just one look. Another best thing about this ceremony was that it was also witnessed with the live show of Rahat Fateh Ali Khan who was also invited for the engagement ceremony. His magical voice won the hearts of every single guest and this makes the event even more special and unforgettable.

Here we would like to mention for the readers that Sharmila Farooqui is one of the most famous politicians of Pakistan People’s Party that even controlled many posts as well. She is even said to be the most beautiful politicians currently in Pakistan Politic History.

Her fiancé Hasham Riaz Sheikh is the son of the Ex-Director General of Federal Investigation Authority named as Ahmed Riaz Sheikh. He is one of the closest friends of Asif Ali Zardari and he has even many good relations with Zardari family. Hasham Riaz is also the owner of the coming TV channel named as Capital TV.

As we all know that this engagement all ended so all the media partners and social websites will be getting the engagement pictures very soon. But still we would like to share few electrifying pictures of Sharmila Farooqui engagement pictures. Besides all this currently Sharmila Farooqui is working as the Advisor of Chief Minister Sindh and is the daughter of Usman Farooqui who has also controlled the post of Finance Minister of Pakistan and Chairman of Industrial Credit and Investment Corporation.

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On the main engagement day almost 80% of the Pakistan areas were facing the downfall shortage of electricity. Now let’s see what the country have to face on her main wedding day. We would wish Sharmila Farooqui with the heartfelt congratulations for her engagement.

Sharmila Farooqi Engagement Pictures

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