Simple Tips on How to Sleep Better at Night

According to research on sleep by, the US economy loses $63 billion every year due to insomnia and more tragically, it has been found to be a major contributing factor to deaths caused by motor vehicle crashes. However, getting a night of good sleep may actually be easier thanyou think. Sleep studies have revealed a number of habits and practices that can assist everyone to better both the duration and quality of sleep. Some simple but practical steps that get you to sleep better:

Avoid Stimulants like Caffeine, Nicotine, and Alcohol

Coffee, tea, colas, chocolate, as well as energy drinks, and certain pain relievers contain caffeine that helps us to keep awake for longer. It is for this very reason that these stimulants should be avoided before going to bed. Similarly, it is not a good idea to smoke or chew products containing nicotine like tobacco or gum before trying to go off to sleep.Limit alcohol intake to a maximum of two drinks and make it a point not to drink within three hours of your planned bedtime.

Make the Environment Conducive To Sleep

Sleeping becomes easier when the bedroom is dark, quiet, and cool. It is important to insulate the room from external noises or if that is not possible wear earplugs or use a “white noise” appliance. Block light using heavy curtains or wear eye masks. Keep the room well ventilated and cool and make sure that you have a mattress that is really comfortable. Even though what causes snoring is still not understood, do consult a doctor if the sound of your own snoring keeps you awake. Gadgets like TVs and computers are best kept out as they can excite the mind making it difficult to sleep.   

Engage In Pre-Sleep Routine That Soothes the Body and Mind

It is important to prepare your body and mind for sleep; have a light meal, take a warm bath, do some light reading or listen to soothing music to relax your mind. Learn how to meditate or engage in some relaxation exercises. Avoid activities that tax you physically or mentally as the cortisol produced can make sleeping difficult.

Try To Sleep Naturally

It can be very difficult to go to sleep if your mind is alert and your body is not tired. Sleep can become really elusive if you watch the clock or try to go to bed because you decide that it is time for sleep. If you are struggling to sleep, it may be a good idea to do some light reading or listen to some relaxing music until you are relaxed and tired adequately.

Conclusion In order to get your sleep pattern right, you should encourage your body to follow the cycle of natural light. Let the light streaming in the morning wake you, start your day early with a walk of a jog in the fresh air, and have a hearty breakfast before setting out for your office. Rising at the same time every day allows your body clock to be set making it easier for sleep to come naturally at the same time daily.

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