Social Crisis In Pakistan

Here we will discuss social crises in Pakistan. It is very unfortunate that social evils in Pakistan have developed into institutions. There are numerous social crises in Pakistan and these social crises badly affect the progress and development of Pakistan.

social crises in pakistan

In this article, we will discuss important and main social crises in Pakistan. The important social crises are as follows:

  1. Firstly, bribery and corruption are found in quick growth and has speedy development in important government departments, offices, law courts and police stations. In Pakistan, bribery, favoritism and nepotism are very common like cheating and fraud. We would like to mention that bribery is the way of life with our public and many government functionaries.
  2. Secondly, hoarding and black marketing are the twin social crises that cause abnormal rise in prices. In order to become rich quickly, big traders hoard huge quantities of articles or other commodities of daily use such as grains, sugar and other commodities.
  3. Thirdly, smuggling is another serious social crises that is extremely harmful for the Pakistan. When foreign goods are smuggled into the country on the larger scale then local industries and agriculture sector will suffer.
  4. The last important and common social crises in Pakistan is the injustice. It is considered to be most important social evil that wrongs all the Pakistani society. In Pakistan, we would like to mention that concept of injustice is very common.

Other social crises of Pakistan are gambling, honor killing and prostitution and these social crises are very common because of illiteracy, poverty and ignorance in Pakistan. It is very sad that even after more than half a century of independent existence, we are still gripped by the number of social crises. Only through effective moral and social education of the people and the establishment of the true politician, economic and social system, based on high moral principles can we bring social evils to an end.

Moreover, we need to have equality, justice and opportunities for progress available to all the people. On the whole after discussing the main and important social crises in Pakistan it is easy to conclude that these are considered to be common social crises in Pakistan. Without solving or removing these social crises, it won’t possible for Pakistan to get progress and incredible development. It is the need of great hour that people of Pakistan and politicians should solve these social crises.

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