Subhan Ramzan 2016 Express TV by Shariq Mehmood, Junaid Iqbal

Ramadan is a month to re-evaluate owns self in the light of Islamic guidance. It is considered as one of the five pillars of Islam. This Holy month teach us to serve the humanity, purify the soul, refocus attention on Allah and practice self-discipline and sacrifice. It is very blessed month and we should keep thank Allah for every blessing.

TV channels of Pakistan started exclusive Ramadan transmissions for showing their love for Ramadan and to promote its importance. They are providing the information about Islam by organizing different quiz shows. Hosts invite Islamic scholars and Naat Khuwans as special guests in their transmission. Scholars answer the queries of people on any issue. They give instructions to people how to live life according to Islam. They also promote the Islamic teaching of togetherness and serving humanity and mankind.

Subhan Ramzaan 2016

Subhan Ramzan 2016 Express TV by Shariq Mehmood, Junaid Iqbal

Popular host Junaid Iqbal is performing the job of hosting the Ramadan Transmission along with Shariq Mehmood on Express TV. This transmission is entitled as Subhan Ramadan and it will be continued during this Holy month on every day. The transmission broadcast during Sehri time at 2 am and the second slot starts at 3pm till Maghrib.

The program starts with recitation of Holy Quran and then famous Naat Khuwans say their Salam to Hazrat Muhammad S.A.W in their pleasant voices. After that Islamic scholars tell the audience about teachings of Islam and answer the questions of audience. They distribute different gifts and prizes among the present audience in different segments during transmission.

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