Swine Flu Cases Still Increase In World

If we say that Swine Flu cases are still increased in the world then what would be your first step? Well if you haven’t got affected yet then you would definitely not believe this statement at all. But let us just state to all our readers that a new pig flu virus has been surrounded in the air of United States and according to the survey almost 153 people has been attacked with this virus in the whole season of summer.

Swine Flu Cases Still Increase In World

Although this flu has not been appear to be much dangerous as compare to the previous flu arrivals but still there is an increased amount of small children. It has been stated all such 153 people who have been affected with the virus are normally such people who are presently working in the fairs or farms of pigs and hence they are directly receiving the virus from the pigs. Still no witnesses has been gained that should confirm the fact that this flu can even be caused from one person to another. But sadly this flu can even lead the person to the stages of death as well.


Flu viruses have been categorized into eight genes and this virus has been termed among the seventh virus that is filled with H3N2. This causes the person to firstly get trapped into the seasonal normal flu and slowly it attacks the entire human body that can even lead to the person with the vaccination. All such people who are in touch with the pigs are at the increased risk of getting such forms of the virus.


According to the medical survey of United States the people has to take some precautionary measures for saving themselves from getting attacked by the swine flu.

  • If the person has been working in pig farms then he should always wash or cover his hands before touching the pigs.
  • He should not take or eat any food in front of the pigs because the germs get attacked towards the food items at an increased height.
  • Lastly just make sure one thing that if in case the person has been already suffering any flu he or she should try to stay from the pigs because it can appear more dangerous for them.

On the whole we can just give away the precautionary measures and alarming alert to all the readers because we never know when this ailment travels in all over the world very soon.

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