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Swine Influenza is counted among the most dangerous and serious diseases in the human body. It has been even categorized with the term of swine flu, hog flu, pig flu or pig influenza. This form of the virus has been just related with the increased number of population of pigs that is resulting in the whole world. This pig virus is then transferred into the human body in its blood. As the number of pigs is much huge in the international countries therefore in Pakistan due to the less appearance of the pigs this virus can just be transferred through the hens and cows.

Before 20th century it was seem to be impossible to identify the actual cause of the Swine Flu however after the success in the medical world in 20th century this has been made possible. This virus can even transfer from human to human as well. In the Swine Flu conditions the person normally faces headache, coughing, fever, weakness and extreme level of uncomfortable surroundings.


According to the US medical reports there is increased number of people who faced the situations of headache, fever, throat and coughing during the beginning of the Swine Flu. But in 2009 survey there are huge amount of patients that even captures the disturbance of vomiting and diarrhea as well. This can even lead the person into the path of death as well. But this factor can just take place when the Swine Flu fully damages the respiratory system of the human being. In addition it can even cause kidney failure as well.


Swine Flu cannot be transferred from one person to another through the food items as it can just take place all through the touching and social contact. The fever can stay for maximum 15 days and in all such days the person normally touches his eyes, nose and skin with irritation. Make sure that such hands do not reach to nay non-affected person because it can even get transferred as well. Additionally, Swine Flu patient should not be allowed to touch the telephone or nay household item at all. In addition he or she must make the use of napkin while coughing and sneezing.


When we talk about the treatment plans then surely the use of beneficial and vital antiviral drug infections can play a prominent role in slowing down the height of Swine Flu to certain extent. Moreover, this disease does not involve any sort of therapies or operations as merely small consciousness and attention is demanded from the person. As soon as the person feels that he or she is getting attacked from such ailment he or she must get connected with the doctor as early as possible.

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