The Walking Dead Zombie Makeup Ideas

Have you ever think about changing your face image into the walking dead Zombie makeup strokes? If you are planning to attend any Halloween Party then the application of Walking Dead makeup would be the just ideal and perfect alternative for the participants. Some of the people have a notion that you might need a dry skin tone and rough ones for making your face just like the Zombie ones but that’s just a false conception.

The Walking Dead Zombie Makeup Ideas

Zombie Makeup

If you look around in the nearby costume shops then you can easily get hold over every single item of Zombies. In this article we will be highlighting simple and easier walking dead Zombie makeup ideas.

  1. Starting with, you must have to clean your face fully and give it some time for getting dry out properly.
  2. Now as it get dry just stretch the skin in the direction of the hairs. Try to stretch the skin in the pulling formation. Now apply the liquid latex on the face and dry it for maximum 30 seconds. As it will get dry out, it will start making the shapes of white wrinkles over the skin that will began to shine in the darkness and give your skin a scary look.
  3. After it, take one small spoon of Oatmeal and mix it with the liquid latex. This will give your skin an actual appearance of rotted and dry skin tone. Stay with the mixture for 30 seconds so that it can fully get dry.
  4. Now take Gelatin and blend it in the one-third cup of water. For giving it further perfection you can also add foundation in it as well.
  5. As the Gelatin will get dry you take small amount of liquid latex and add it on the skin one more time but make sure that the Gelatin does not get disappeared at all.
  6. For the eyes coverage, you can make the use of purple, black, yellow and green shades. You can also show some red blood flesh over the lips as well.
  7. At the end of the makeup, you should also place some red color shades over the wounds as well for giving real look.

Well on the whole of it in these easy and simple seven steps you will all set for making yourself ready for the Halloween Party as the Walking Dead Zombie. ENJOY THE PARTY…….

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