Kerastase Paris Presents Densifique: A Sublime Density Experience

THE ART OF PERFECT HAIR Following 10 years of research, the world’s most coveted luxury hair care brand, Kerastase, presents the miracle of the birth of hair: Introducing Kerastase Densifique in Pakistan – a sublime, innovative hair care range for increased hair density.

Creating the experience of perfect density, Kérastase Densifique represents a sophisticated blend of luxury and high level science with a combination of active ingredients working in synergy to restore hair density and substance.

Indeed the origin of sublime hair is to be found in the skin of the scalp and for this reason Kérastase initiated the notion of the “skinification” of haircare, launching the revolutionary Professional Hair Skincare product category in 2012.

Among the major innovations involved in Professional Hair Skincare, one notion stands out by reflecting the expectation of women today: the promise of hair density.

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Associated with timeless references to beauty such as Botticelli’s Venus and the goddesses of ancient Greece, perfectly proportioned, dense hair is at the heart of the quest for sublime hair, an eternally feminine and often fleeting quality.

This is how Kerastase presented Densifique, which reveals the substance of the hair for sublime density. With state-of-the-art technology, Kerastase Densifique is adensifying ritual for luxuriant hair that conveys three manifestos: abundance, luxuriance and suppleness.

Three active ingredients have been mobilized to act zone by zone on several different levels: Hyaluronic C, Gluco-Peptides and Stemoxydine: the flagship molecule in the Densifique treatment, which optimizes hair cycles and enables a significant improvement in the number of hairs per square centimeter.

Kerastase Densifique

The densifying effect is visible with the very first application. 10 days later the fiber is thicker and more resistant. 30 days later the pace of growth is reactivated and hair mass is visibly denser. After following this densifying ritual more than 1,700 hair strands are revealed in 3 months.

A composition of delicate, easy-to-use textures transforms the application of Densifique products into a true sensory ritual. The signature scent also contributes to the elegance of the range by combining feminine, sensual fragrance notes custom-designed by Takasago perfumer Dominique Gindre with a mix of eclectically refined ingredients including not only various pink flowers but also notes of amber and wood.

Via a range of products, the Kerastase Densifique ritual follows the new Kérastase protocol based on the idea of Professional Hair Skincare – Cleanse, Treat, Regenerate and Texturize.

KérastaseDensifiqueproducts are now available at select Kérastase Salons in Pakistan along with a premium densifying in-salon ritual.

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