Top Tourist Attractions In Azerbaijan

Top Tourist Attractions In Azerbaijan: Do you want to know that what the top tourist attractions in Azerbaijan? Do you love visiting Azerbaijan? Have you ever thought that what are the major attractions in Azerbaijan that simply grabs the attention of the people? Azerbaijan is one of the largest cities that have been located at the side of the Western Asia and Eastern Europe.

If you have ever got passionate for exploring the cities with the heritage and cultural valuables then this city would be surely one of the best options for the tours. It has been filled with the buildings, structures and definitely with the museums as well. In this article we will be mentioning all about the best and top famous attractions that have been involved within the Azerbaijan.



First we have the Old City of Baku. If you ever visit the Azerbaijan then never miss out visiting this city at any cost. This is not just the capital of Azerbaijan but it is even said to be the most beautiful cities as well. It has been filled with all the historical structures of Azerbaijan.

 2.      MAIDEN TOWER:

             Second we have the Maiden Tower of Baku. This is one of the mysterious structures that have always been remained as the secret. No one knows that what the actual meaning of its foundation was. Its construction was started in 6th century and it took almost 6 centuries for its completion as in 12th century. This has been truly one of the attention grabbing things in the Baku.


Mud Volcanoes is also another best attraction in Azerbaijan. It has been even settled with the mud paintings and fake volcanoes too that give the implication of reality too. There are approximate 6,000 rock paintings that are covered with the portray of the people, animals, planets and much more.


In addition, Palace of Shirvanshahs is yet another most interesting place in Azerbaijan. This palace has been covered with the 26 rooms that are used as the guest rooms and for the events. The most curious thing about this palace is that none of its rooms have the windows that make it even more mysterious.

5.      GOBUSTAN:

Gobustan is a type of mountain site in Azerbaijan. It has been designed for the purpose of the museum that has been open air. There are approximate 4,000 inscriptions that are covering the story of the last 12,000 years of history.

Well this was all about the main attractions of the Azerbaijan. If you ever get the chance of visiting the Azerbaijan then never miss out watching all such places.

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