Top Tourist Attractions In Pakistan

Top Tourist Attractions In Pakistan: There is no doubt about the fact that there are wide numerous top tourist attractions in Pakistan as compare to any other country. Pakistan has always been founded as one of the center of attraction for all the tourist who are always excited to reveal the beauty of nature that has been just blessed to Pakistan. In this article we will be highlighting the names and details of some of the most popular and yet the leading top attractions for tourist in Pakistan.

Fort Lahore

 1.      LAHORE:

            Lahore has been famous as being the city of traditions and culture. The city of architectural treasure takes hold of many interesting areas and places in its account. Some of the most well known areas for Tourist in Lahore are Badshahi Mosque, Old Lahore, Lahore Fort and surely the Liberty Market as the main shopping center in Lahore. Apart from it, there are many incredible parks and hills in Lahore that are gradually attention grabbing for the visitors.


               This lake has been located at the side areas of Kaghan Valley. It is said to be the lake of love in Pakistan because of the fairy tale story of Prince of Persia associated with this hill. During the winter timings this lake and its water get freeze with complete snow and ice and this main features grabs the attention of all the people.

 3.      KARAKORAM:

                      This place has always remained as the wish to see as of every single person. There would be no single person that would never wish to catch a bird’s eye view of this place. This place has been famous just for one reason that from its peak the world second largest mountain K2 can also been seen much easily.

 4.      KARACHI:

      On the last height and number of attractions we have Karachi. This city has been known as the city of lights and pleasure. One of the most well liked places in Karachi has been the Monument of Quaid e Azam that has been beautifully decorated from inside.

Well this was all about the main attractions of tourist in Pakistan. We hope that all the readers that definitely going to agree with us that these places are surely the real treasure of Pakistan that can never be removed from the history of Pakistan at all means.

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