Tourist Top Beaches In Sri Lanka

Tourist Top Beaches In Sri Lanka: Do you know that tourist is seemed out to be much attracted towards the Sri Lanka because of its beaches? Well if not then this article can appear to be much more informative for you. Sri Lanka is surrounded by the beautiful oceans that are all the time implicating the symbols of the beauty and nature. Although there are many numerous places and buildings in the Sri Lanka that are worth seeing but still the tourist find them attracted towards the beaches only that offer them with the relaxation and comfortable happenings. Through this piece of article you will get to know about some of the best beaches in Sri Lanka that are the dream of every single person to visit once in their lifetime.

Beaches In Sri Lanka



Negombo is a form of the fishing town that has been located at the distance of the 35 kilometers from the Colombo. This area is said to be one of the most desirable places in Sri Lanka as all the beaches fall in its surroundings. It is such a beautiful and filled with the pleasant feel.


On the second number we have the Bentota Beach. This place has been set up almost 62 kilometers away from the Colombo and is often marked to be the best place for all such tourists who are passionate about the water sports. This beach has just grabbing the attention because of its rough waves that are best for the diving, skiing and even for the fishing.

3.      ARUGAM BAY:

This beach has been located maximum 314 kilometers away from the Colombo. This is one of the best beaches in Sri Lanka that is filled with the beauty and striking views. It is even said to be the best destinations for the travelers too. There are the best services of the scuba diving, underwater photography along with the fishing facility as well. The accessibility of the surfing and jet skiing are one of the adventurous services in this beach.


Nilaweli Beach is one of the breath-taking islands of Sri Lanka. The lush green trees and the scorching sun bath under the hot sun are one of the greatest passions for the coming travelers.

On the whole these were some of the few top beaches in Sri Lanka that has to view by every single person once in their life. We are sure that in just one look you will going to fall in love with all of these beaches.

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