Top Tourists Attractions Of Lampang

Top Tourists Attractions Of Lampang: If you want to know about the top tourists attractions of Lampang then you must read out this article right now. But before explaining the main places of attraction we would like to give short review about the place itself. This has been one of the most beautiful cities of Thailand that is also known for the Nakhon Lampang. Although this city has gained the maximum attention of the tourists for their transportation centers but still there are many wonderful places in this small city that are best to watch it once. Let’s have a quick look at some of the top and yet the best tourists attractions in the Lampang city.




This is just the place that is complete dedicated for the elephants. This place is used to keep the elephants with great care and offer them with the training. Sometimes the functions and even circus festivals are arranged in which elephants showcase their performance regarding the training that is taught them. This place is the source of great entertainment for the children.

2.      BAN SAO NAK:

This place has been famous and is often known in the people as the House of Pillars. It was building in 1895 and is often designed for implicating the architectural designs of the Lampang City. There are about 166 pillars in the Ban Sao Nak center and it is almost 133 years old. Sometimes this center is often used for the sake of the wedding functions and as the Opera Center.


This is a form of temple in Lampang that imagine out the implication of the architectural story and ancient early century details. Each year there are millions of followers that visit this temple. In addition, there are many exceptional attractive designs as well that have been pasted in the wooden walls that are often appearing to be source of attention grabbing feature for the tourists.

Hence there are many other various places in the Lampang as well that are favorite for the tourists but still we would say that these three areas must be watched by all the people whenever they will visit Lampang. We are sure that in just one moment you will going to find as your heart beat is actually stopping because of this beautiful city nature and scenes.

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