Toyota Corolla Xli, Gli, Altis 2024 Model Price In Pakistan

2024 Toyota Corolla, in production for over a decade, includes Xli, Atlis, and Gli models for commercial and domestic use. Xli, the initial model, boasts sporty look, accommodating 5, with sleek tail lights, unique design, various colors, and anti-lock brake system. Prices range from 25,60,000 to 32,990,000 in Pakistan.

It is really important to mention here that Since more than a decade Toyota corolla has been in production process. Toyota Xli, Toyota Atlis and Toyota Corolla Gli are one of those models which are being used both for commercial and domestic purpose.

Some people not agree but it is a fact that Xli is the initial model of this product. Currently it is being produced in different variants but the overall shape of this car is same.

Toyota Corolla Xli 2016 Model


Toyota corolla Xli comes with a sporty look with a good clearance. The most interesting thing is that this is resist bumpy roads and uneven surface.


It is cars categorized as SEDAN and have four doors. But the Xli cars also got the capacity to accommodate five persons.

Toyota Gli 2016


The sleek crystal tail lights makes the car more attractive. This design of Toyota Corolla is one of the latest design and unique one.


In this model of Toyota corolla there are different colors being offered.


This car offered front head lights that is totally different with a silver lining on AC grill.

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Lock system:

To make the car more competitive there is an anti-locking braking system.

Toyota Corolla Altis 2016


Toyota Corolla GLI Price In Pakistan

Toyota Corolla GLI 1.3L Price In Pakistan 27,50,000.00

Toyota Corolla GLI 1.3L  Automatic Price In Pakistan 2,850,000.00

Toyota Corolla XLI Price In Pakistan

Toyota Corolla Xli Price is 25,60,000/-

Toyota Corolla Altis Price In Pakistan

Toyota Corolla Altis Price is 32, 990, 000/-

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