Traditional Kashmiri Shawl & Kashmiri Pashmina Shawls 2024

Traditional Kashimiri Shawl 2024: Do you just love dressing yourself in the traditional kashimiri shawls during the winter happenings? Well if yes then we are sure that all the way through this article you will be catching some of the best details about all such superb shawls. Since the last few centuries Kashmiri shawls are getting one of the most wanted ones in the women. Such shawls are being known as the pride of French Queen, Marie Antoinette.

They are getting famous with the passage of time just because of being the most admired handmade fabric of Kashmir. There is no such other handmade fabric that can ever match up with the superiority and magnificence of the Kashmiri shawls.

Why Kashmiri Shawls Are So Famous?

Shawls are alternated best by the women during the time of winter happenings. They are best chosen for the sake of protecting the body from the coldness and making them keep as warmer ones. It is one of the warm garments in today northern cold areas of Pakistan.

In Pakistan just the Kashmir is one such place that produces out with the best shawls for the women that simply takes away their heart beats. For the easiness of the fashion lovers here we are sharing with some of the finest pictures of kashimiri shawls. Normally the kashimiri shawls are made from the extreme delicacy plus the passionate working that bring out the excellent results in the form of marvelous shawls creation.

The beautification of the shawls is done all with the weft threads interlocked where the colors change, the weavers passing them between the warps using bobbins around, which the variously colored threads are wound. The raw material of the shawls is taken out from the hand-weaving followed by embroidery and finishing.

Types Of Fabric For Kashmiri Shawl

Kashimiri shawls are quite unique and different in their formations. Normally the shawls are made from the diverse fabric stuff but there are just four common fabrics that are being found in the shawls such as made – wool, pashmina and shahtoosh.

The prices of these fabric are different as well as the woolen fabric is pricey and quite expensive ones as compare to rest of the fabrics. Woolen shawls are gaining up the maximum fame and love from the women all because of the embroidery worked on them, which is unique to Kashmir. 100 percent pure hand embroidered kashmiri pashmina shawl, In Kashmir the fabric is woolen is known as raffle.

We hope that through this article you must have learnt a lot about the 100% Pure Kashmiri Shawl and they titanic popularity in the women.

Kashmiri Shawl Designs

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