Ufone Monthly Bolo Pakistan Offer

Ufone Monthly Bolo Pakistan Offer: In this article we will be highlighting all the details about Ufone Monthly Bolo Pakistan Offer. As we all know that Ufone has been one of the most famous and well known cellular networks in Pakistan. It has been working for the last few years and now they have become one of the favorite ones in the Pakistan.

Ufone has been much known in the young generation and teenagers much. They have gained many appreciations because of their lowest calling rates and SMS bundles as well. In addition, they even grant the offers for the internet packages as well.


Freshly, Ufone has entered inside the market with another exciting offer that is simply attention grabbing for rest of the other network customers as well. Ufone has named their new offer as “Bolo Pakistan Offer”. This offer has been especially designed for all those Ufone customers that have the passion of making long calls to their relative and mates.

Through this offer the Ufone customers can make unlimited calls to all the Ufone to Ufone numbers and Ufone to PTCL numbers as well of one whole month just for Rs. 300 plus tax. This has been truly the best offer that can never be given by another network for sure.


  • The Ufone customers can just make the unlimited calls to all the Ufone and PTCL numbers.
  • The validity for this offer is one month.
  • The offer will be giving 6,000 for making the calls.
  • One month charges for the offer will be Rs. 300 plus tax as well.


For getting activated with this offer the Ufone customers can dial *888# from their Ufone numbers.


  • This offer has been just set for the Ufone Uwon customers.
  • If the customer have not been switched with the Uwon offer then they first have to migrate by dialing *444*1# that will cost the extra charges as well.
  • In the first subscription the customers will be getting 6,000 minutes for calling.
  • After 30 days the activation will get expired itself and the customers have to get presubscribed by dialing the same number.
  • In order to check the remaining minutes the customers can dial *707#.

Well this was all about the Ufone Bolo Pakistan offer. If you are Ufone customer and you just love making the calls all the day then just grab this offer right now and enjoy the unlimited calls.

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