Veena Malik Wants to Become a Religious Scholar

Veena Malik Wants to Become a Religious Scholar: Any great warrior is also a scholar a poet and an artist (Steven Seagal). Veena malik was born in the city of Rawalpindi to an erudite middle class family. She holds a bachelor degree in sociology and Psychology. Veena sets off her career with a bloc buster movie “tere pyar may” along side co actors Shan and Zara sheikh.

Veena Malik

She also had worked in a few sitcoms and television dramas as well these projects also went good enough for her. Though she had roused to the zenith of success during a short course of time her twenty eight years life had also witnessed a lot of ups and down. She once again became the talk of the town when a controversial image of her was seen as the cover page of the famous FHM magazine.

She admitted that it was a bold scene but not a nude one she said that her picture was edited by morphing and promised to sue the magazine over this defaming attempt against her. Any ways lets not dig old bones as Veena had said good bye to her life in the world of glamour? And is wed with a Dubai based business man and they seems to be quite made for each other. The recent breaking news on her had been that she had decided to become a religious scholar.

She believes that in order to become a head boy you must be very clever and you mush be a scholar as well which she believes she was born to be in all shape or form. She says that her parents wanted her to be smart and good and the only thing she could do was to graduate at that time now the time had come to fulfil her parent’s long awaiting dream and she has made up her made to become a scholar and not just any scholar a religious scholar.

Let’s pray that she doesn’t create a headline again by doing something which she should not have thought of doing in the first place.

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