Sitara Textile Chiffon Lawn Collection 2015 For Girls

As introduction Sitara textile in considered to be the most ancient textile mill and the most famous textile mill working in Pakistan. The company produces high quality fabrics for both the men and the women. It also offers the home textile. The main product line of the sitara textile mill are sitarasapna lawn, sitara universal lawn, heart beat Switzerland amughl e azambrosha. This industry provides its products for men also.

Sitara Textile chiffon lawn collection

They offer different styles in different catogeries for different functions. As the season changes the collection also changes, designs also changes are the colors for the collection also changes. The prints on the suits also vary with the changing trends. For different festivals the collections are different. In national festivals, sitara offers different variety and for others they offer different varieties.

New arrivals
Recently sitara lawn has launched a new summer collection of lawn for women. This new arrival has been specially set for summer 2014, which includes feminine and beautiful prints. Different colors are offered by sitara lawn in this arrival, the main colors are red , blue, orange. New arrivals include chiffon long shirts, dopatta with shalwar. Every age group is targeted in that arrival, and they are purely designed according to new trends. As the new arrivals come into the market other old stock available in becomes cheap.

The prices of that lawn are very reasonable. They are affordable by anyone who wants to purchase. Some prints are expensive but some are in the range of every one. Their prices are different for different events as the new varieties are also available for different events. A wide variety of clothes are available for sitara lawn. Embroided collection is bit expensive, while the other printed collection is a bit cheaper.

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