Viber Releases Desktop Version For PC To Phone Calling

Recently Viber releases Desktop version from PC to phone calling. This would surely be one of one of the biggest surprises for all those people that have been in the passion to make the phone calls all the time through the Viber. Viber has been one of the most famous and most wanted applications that allow the users to make voice and text message between the phones.


Now Viber has one more time arrived with the launch of their desktop versions for phone calling. It has been stated that Viber will be appearing to be much competitive for the Skype because it has been loaded with much enhanced features and specification. Currently, it has been estimated that Skype has over 600 million users and Viber is also reaching at this amount as well. Viber has almost 200 million users and they have even introduced the phone calling in nine different languages. Viber has revealed the truth that each day almost 400,000 users are added in the world of Viber and this amount has been touching the sky limits each day.

For logging into the Viber the users have to make use of their mobile phone numbers. They will be offered with the features of the Voice Chat, SMS, MMS and Video chat as well. Some of the additional features that have been installed within the Viber application are as follows:

  • High Quality Video Calls.
  • Video Calls
  • Phone Messages
  • Group Conversation Chat
  • The users do not need to make their any id or password and they do not need to get into the registration troubles as well.
  • In addition, transfer ongoing calls between the users are also possible.

As the world of internet has been taking new revolutions there have been many changes that have been making this globe even more advance and superior. There are many applications that have contributed a lot in making the internet universe as successful and Viber has been one of such applications as well. With the passage of time Viber has been gaining huge attention and interest of the customers that now people are getting passionate to make free calls and messages. So all the people out there if you have still not connected yourself with the Viber just get into this world right now and take fun from the video chat and free SMS and MMS .


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