Winter Nail Art Designs

When we talk about some of the exciting winter nail art designs then surely we left with many options. In simple words, within the category of nail designs the choices are just endless. Hence, there is also no doubt about the fact that the women and girls have to be capable enough to make the nails stunning and much attractive for the people. In this article we will be highlighting some of the main and most famous winter nail art designs for the women.

  1. Before beginning with any designing just make sure that you must apply the white shinning nail polish as well before painting the nails. Once the while nail polish has been dry out then you can move forward for the embellishment of the nails.
  2. Now take some pointed brush and make the swirling strokes over the nails. These swirls will give much elegant and striking effect to the nails. But make sure that you cannot move with next step until it didn’t get dry properly.
  3. After it, just dip the brush in the acrylic paint and make small dots and buttons on the corner of the nails.
  4. Now you have to wait for sometime until the dots and buttons didn’t get dry fully.
  5. Now take the yellow polish and make one line on the nail. As it gets dry take the green nail color and make one line. In this way you can draw the lines with different colors.
  6. If you are making the use of dark and bright polishes then at the end you can also place some black dots on it as well.
  7. Now take the silver colored nail polish and apply it over the whole nail and then paint the front section with the black nail polish with a thin line.
  8. You can even place some smiling face on the nails at the final coating.
  9. As the nail designs have been set for the winter then it would be better to turn the whole nail as red with white coating. Whereas if the nail designing has been done for the Halloween party then the use of black and white polish would be perfect choice.

Well this was all about some of the thrilling and tempting winter nail art designs. We hope that all the women and girls will definitely welcome the winter with same nail art designs.

Winter Nail Art Designs

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