Woman kisses Shah Rukh Khan at Dubai Event, fans say ‘put her in jail’

Shah Rukh Khan was kissed by a female fan after she approached him at a Dubai event.

During a promotional event for a real estate brand owned by one of his friends, Shah Rukh Khan was approached by a woman who requested to kiss him. The incident was captured on video and shared on Reddit, which led to discomfort among some fans.

The video shows Shah Rukh Khan entering the backstage area accompanied by his manager, Pooja Dadlani, and his bodyguards. After shaking hands with a man, a woman dressed in black asked if she could kiss him. Before Shah Rukh could respond, she kissed him on the cheek, and he responded with a smile, closing his eyes. The woman then walked away, laughing with joy from the interaction.

The video went viral on Reddit, where it garnered mixed reactions. Some users found the incident inappropriate and called for the woman to face consequences, stating that if the roles were reversed, the reaction would be different. Others described the woman’s behavior as cringe-worthy and emphasized the importance of personal space and consent.

It’s worth noting that Shah Rukh Khan is known for his affection towards his fans. In a recent heartwarming gesture, he surprised a terminally ill fan with a video call that lasted over 40 minutes. During the call, he promised to meet her soon and provide financial assistance for her treatment. He even expressed his willingness to visit her home in Kolkata for a home-cooked fish curry, provided it had no bones. The fan’s daughter also mentioned that Shah Rukh Khan promised to attend her wedding and enjoy fish curry prepared in her mother’s kitchen.

Woman kisses Shah Rukh Khan at Dubai Event, fans say ‘put her in jail’
Woman kisses Shah Rukh Khan at Dubai Event, fans say ‘put her in jail’

These contrasting incidents highlight the complexities of being a celebrity and the varying reactions from fans. While Shah Rukh Khan’s love for his fans is well-known and appreciated, this particular incident sparked a debate on boundaries, personal space, and consent.

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