Top Yarn Exporter In Pakistan 2024

Top Yarn Exporter In Pakistan 2024: In Pakistan textile sector is considered to be one of the biggest divisions of Pakistan. Each year this sector includes several millions of earning in the country GDP. In simple words it would not be wrong to say that this Textile sector is known as the backbone of the Pakistan industries.

“Yarn Exporter In Pakistan”

No one can neglect the importance of the Textile Industries in the success of the Pakistan. Each year the Textile Industry of Pakistan make out the total storage of the yarn with the amount of approximate 1550 million kgs and sewing capacity of the fabric has been 4368 million square. The Textile Industry of Pakistan can make the 670 million of garments and 400 million of suit wears for the nation.

There are about 442 units that are all the day and night engaged in the spinning of the clothes. Every industry has maximum 20600 looming machines and contains 625 small units and about 10 large units. All such services are carried out by the workers and employees who are working by combining their day and night. All such factors make this sector as the premium and superlative and hence the successful sector in the industrial world.

Additionally, the Textile Industry has been even involved in the exporting of the accessories as well that is about 60% of the worldwide exports. This exporting helps them in earning approximately 5.2 billion dollars. In this 60% sharing the 45% of the amount is added in the country development through the GDP.

In the continent of Asia, Pakistan is known in the list of top exporter’s textile sectors of the world and it has been placed at the ranking of eighth. When we look upon the employment level of the Textile sector than it has been founded that this division takes into account the 38% of the labor force that come up with the amount of maximum 15 million population. All the terms and customs that are intended for the textile industries in Pakistan they are just coordinated by the All Pakistan Textile Association.

This foundation is the main institution that grants the certificate to any company for being designated as the title of textile industry. In this article we are sharing the names of some of the famed and renowned textile mills in Pakistan. This was all for the textile sector in Pakistan so we are sure that you might have gain additional and informational knowledge about this segment.


  • Ameer Enterprises
  • Amna Ipex
  • Azfar Group
  • Bilal Group
  • Crescent Trading Corporation
  • Decent Textiles – Decent Group
  • Valtesso International
  • UK Chemicals
  • Nina Industries
  • Rauf Enterprise
  • Pak Silver Fiber Co
  • Kamdar Services
  • Alhabib textile Industries
  • Home Styles Limited

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