6th September 1965 Pakistan Defence Day History of Pakistan

The month of September has a significance in the history of Pakistan. This month is characterized by the bravery of Pak army and the nation against the powers of the disbelievers of India.

On 6th of September 1965 India imposed a war on Pakistan by attacking its premises with an army which was huge in number and had no comparison with small army of Pakistan in number and amount of weapons.

Despite of less in numbers and deficient in modern weapons, Pakistani army emerge as the powerful force against the Indians and defeated them in all the fields of war and war fares.

Our soldiers sacrificed their lives for our mother land and fought bravely. The world witnessed the second largest artillery war of tanks at chawinda sector of Sialkot.

6th September Defence Day Pakistan
6th September Defence Day Pakistan

And at that moment nobody in the world can neglect the bravery of the Pakistani soldiers who laid under the tanks of the enemy and blasted them with the tanks. 6th of September is celebrated as the defense day of Pakistan every year with zest and zeal.

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